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teamwork? by ama-je
a lot of tinder is spent with anya and arcus making PLANS while kiran is really, really worried for the state of everything.

it works out pretty well.
wizard band! by ama-je
wizard band!

alright easy way:
cooper- orange txt
daisy- green txt
cece- pink txt
dallas- blue txt
lizzie- purple txt

cooper is the lead singer for wizard band. he also plays guitar. he doesn't take a lot of things seriously and is a huge goofball. some of his favorite pass times include: getting yelled at by daisy, getting yelled at by liz, selfies with cece, playing guitar, writing songs, beach volleyball, cooking, and baking... cooper also really loves puns. what a huge dork. he's like 21. do rk

daisy is band manager. i uploaded a separate colored picture of her where i talk about what she's like! she's so high strung. being part of wizard band is a good thing for her, honestly,
also she bakes and when she's not mad at cooper for destroying something with his clumsiness and knack for shitty inappropriate puns ("look's like this carton of eggs was a little TOO over easy"), they bake together

cece is a trans girl that plays a mean bass guitar. she loves taking selfies and posting on social media and coined #cecelfie. she dyed her hair pink and when daisy found out she threw a fit like "pink doesn't fit the band's image!! whyyyyy" but everyone loves it so shut down daisy
cece's really outgoing and fun to be around and lights up a room... she has a girlfriend named marge who doesn't completely understand band life she just knows it's probably intense because sometimes she'd go to a store and teens would be like "oh my GOSH are you CECE HUNG'S GIRLFRIEND" and she's just like oh boy

dallas is drummer boy. he's bigender and uses he/him and they/them pronouns. he also plays piano but prefers drums because NOISE... he's actually pretty introverted and is super serious about science because "if he wasn't a musician he'd be an astrophysicist or something equally as boring" --cece's twitter
he's also super good at video games and he'd walk by daisy clearly struggling on a level and just tell her what to do before walking off. he's also the tallest. nerd lord

lizzie is lead guitarist honestly... she's a pretty chill lady that spends a lot of time with her siblings and also really likes fashion... however she so much regrets puns and cooper knows it and he just appears sometimes and is like "hey lizzie. it's pun time" and she does things like turn him into a mouse
also she has a dog in their home. she cares about dog the most. her name is jovi (guess the inspo lmao). everyone loves dog but not as much as lizzie does
a hop and a skip by ama-je
a hop and a skip
--and ta-da!

so i've been toying around with an idea lately. an idea i'm so in love with?? omg

this is daisy powell! she's like 20. and also the manager for a pop band. full of wizards (because it's impossible for me to write a story without shooting in fantasy. it's a weakness of mine)
she was actually a part of a sci-fi idea i have with AIs (which i'll get into at another time. right now: wizard band)
basically it's just as you read it, a band full of wizards. they all live together and tour and deal w/ fans and make vlogs and things. they're cute, probably

daisy's a hardworker. she's serious and kind of a perfectionist. she's also the only human in wizard band. daisy cares a lot about the band and mothers them all when they're sick and has a set of rules and a schedule and everything.... she also really likes video games and when she's not yelling at cece for "mixing her darks and lights in the laundry again AUGH" or at cooper for "leaving all these dirty pans in the sink!!" she's definitely playing video games. her wardrobe consists of button downs, cardigans, high waisted skirts, and sneakers because she's a professional adult

that's all for daisy.... the baby....
nice timing by ama-je
nice timing
some.... experimenting..... i actually really dislike soft shading oMF but this was fun wah
now we've all moved away. by ama-je
now we've all moved away.
every memory comes on when i hear that old song
that we used to sing with the words all wrong


ama-je's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
hi i'm jebs and im a 16 year old girl and my desc here changes a lot

i'm v invested in OCs and original art (though i do draw fan art i just rarely post them here on dA i'm sorry omg)

uhhh i'm not as active here on dA as i am on tumblr?? woohoo

i like sci fi, roller skating, history (esp the 1920's), vintage stuff, plants, and anime!! woo

also i'm in the process of clearing my gallery out of older art cause i'm a little embarrassed UoU; please excuse me

if you'd like to message me feel free to!!! i'm not all that great when it comes to deviantArt lingo or these llama things so pls don't fret if i don't respond i'm terrible omg

ALSO!!! if you'd like to use my art for something, please ask me first!!! this is extremely important!!! just cause it's here online doesn't mean its free for use! ovo;

thank u arigatoast :*
... as in, it's super hot outside at all times (and okage, i've been thinking about okage)

but!! it's been raining a LOT recently so that's been really refreshing hehe!

so around mid july my computer crashed?! i have a new one though (new as in my mom's laptop)! i can't get photoshop on here which kind of sucks because i prefer photoshop but i've been having a super fun time using paint tool sai!!

it's kind of stressful since i need photoshop for school reasons but i'll find a way to manage B)

IN OTHER STUFF, i am working hard at this whole webcomic thing and playing around with style and stuff. i've learned quite a bit so far yay! also school starts soon and that's not as cool but hey, i'm cool, so! also i have summer homework i've been neglecting OOPS,

anyway, i hope everyone's had a great summer so far!!! ovo!! l8r
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  • Playing: bioshock hAHA
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